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Jonasson House

Jonasson House

Jonasson House (1906) is an excellent example of a standardized period ‘catalogue’ dwelling enhanced through the use of eye-catching exterior modifications that resulted in an engaging design.

The house, one of the few surviving large residences dating from the early 1900s in Gimli, also is significant because of its association with three well-known local citizens, all of whom used the front rooms in public fashion for their offices. They were the original owner, Einar Jonasson Jr., a long-time municipal official, Gimli mayor and member of the provincial legislature who maintained an office in the front of the house; his father, Einar Sr., who was a founding member of New Iceland (Gimli), homeopath and municipal health officer; and physician Frank Scribner.

The building has been designated as a Municipal Heritage Site.

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