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Spruce Lodge Cottage

“Spruce Lodge” (Andrews Cottage) is an excellent example recalling the development in the early decades of the 20th century of a summer cottage area around Gimli Park. Here, and at many other cottages, summers were an idyllic time, with mothers arriving in June to stay with the children, and fathers arriving on Fridays at 7:10 p.m. on the “Weekend Special” train.

It was probably built in 1913 for Thornton and Emma Andrews. The Nicholson/Sutherland family has had ownership since 1921. The cedar cottage is representative of its type in some ways, with its typical hipped-roof form, entirely wood construction, informal plan and ingenious details. But the building is distinguished by notable variations on the theme: graceful sloping roof and unusual exterior detailing (vertical strapping that gives the cottage a more refined quality).

The cottage’s interior is one of the few in town that still reveals its construction, and the rest of the interior is of the highest integrity.

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