• This important research report examines the construction history of Gimli’s cottage architecture.

The project was created by Andy Blicq, and undertaken with support of the Heritage Grants Program of Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism. This report will be of special interest to anyone who owns a cottage in the southern part of Lake Winnipeg, from Loni Beach right around to Victoria Beach.

Andy’s research also included the collection of several historic building catalogues from the 1920s. These important documents, from Alladin Redi-Cut Homes, McDiarmid Lumber Company and Monarch Lumber Company, provide fascinating information about architectural design from this period. They also provide contemporary building owners with information on construction details that may be relevant in their own historic building conservation plans.

Copies of these catalogues are available by contacting the Gimli Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee, care of the R.M. of Gimli Offices.