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Maryville Cottage

“Maryville” (Deaks Cottage) is a well-preserved and excellent example of the basic hip-roofed cottage typical of the Gimli Park Cottage Area from the 1920s.

With typical window and door treatments (and with original hardware in many cases), floor plan, building materials (simple wood frame on stout wooden blocks), the cottage is a textbook example of its type. “Maryville” seems to have been built for John and Mary Deaks, and subsequently was owned by daughters Elsie and Beatrice, who owned the place until 1999. A typical hipped roof design, the cottage was put up around 1925, and was built from a kit, likely from Eaton’s. The cottage is in good condition and has an impressive level of integrity, even including the old chimney.

The building has been designated as a Municipal Heritage Site.

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