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Thorson Cottage

The Thorson Cottage, dating from 1918, is a very good example recalling the development in the early decades of the 20th century of summer cottages in town.

Originally owned by Stefan Thorson, it was purchased in 1925 by Jacob Greenberg, a merchant and businessman. The Ludlow family owned it for many years, before the Blicqs moved in, in 1997, and began a restoration and upgrade. This cottage is said to have been built by Hjalmar Thorsteinson, (a well-remembered early carpenter whose hands touched many Gimli buildings). It is a fine example of the hipped type cottage. The building is in very good condition and has a high level of integrity.

The cottage is well remembered by a generation of Gimli residents who brought good report cards to the back door where they were rewarded with candies by its kindly former owner, Pearl Glendora Ludlow. Mrs. Ludlow also loaned out the cottageā€™s vintage piano for local dances and parties.

The building has been designated as a Municipal Heritage Site.

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