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New Iceland Heritage Museum

The New Iceland Heritage Museum interprets the region at two separate sites.

The museum, located in the Waterfront Centre at 94–1st Avenue, is open year-round and tells the story of New Iceland through the use of dynamic multi-media exhibits featuring an 18-foot history mural and a painting that "comes to life." Changing temporary exhibitions, a sixty-seat theatre, a tent and cabin dioramas complete the experience, along with special spaces for young visitors.

Across the street from the Waterfront Centre is the seasonally-open Lake Winnipeg Visitor Centre, dedicated to the natural history of the lake itself and our interaction with it through the local fishery. It includes a large aquarium housing local fish species and a 1940s whitefish boat. Visits outside of the summer season are possible by appointment.

The Museum may be reached by telephone at 204-642-4001 or e-mail. Please click on the link to visit the museum’s website.