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Local History Book

Gimli’s local history, Gimli Saga, was published in 1974. It provides a fascinating read for anyone interested in the people and institutions upon which Gimli was founded and developed, with lots of photographs of people and places.

Gimli Saga is available at the Evergreen Regional Library on First Avenue. It is a condensed version of the original three leather-bound volumes of over 1200 pages, which is located in the rare book section of the library.



Loni Beach: a Gimli heritage neighbourhood

The Gimli Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee has produced a booklet on the Loni Beach neighbourhood. Loni Beach is valued as an important and distinct cottage area at the north end of Gimli. The booklet is intended to foster appreciation for the area, and to serve as a heritage management tool.

    (pdf 8 MB)

Berlo: A Gimli Heritage Community

Berlo, for many now just a spot on a map, has an important story to tell. It was here, in the early 1900s, that a small group of German immigrants to Canada set out to make a new life for themselves. And in their distinctive strip-farm villages and interesting farm and church buildings, they also created a fascinating part of the R.M. of Gimli’s ethnic composition, but also an important part of its heritage.

The booklet can be viewed online by clicking on the cover below. It is also available in hard copy at the Evergreen Regional Library.

    (pdf 5.5 MB)

The Gimli Public School Building 1915–2015: A Commemorative History

This publication was compiled as a historical remembrance of the Gimli Public School (1915) and published by the Gimli Municipal Heritage Committee in conjunction with the June 26–28, 2015 Gimli Public School 100th Anniversary Reunion.

The publication can be viewed online by clicking on the chapters below. It is also available in hard copy at the Evergreen Regional Library.

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