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Rural Tour

Follow PTH 9 north from Boundary Creek (Winnipeg Beach), the former southern boundary of New Iceland and work your way up to the Arnes Harbour Fish Plant, and you trod in the footprints of the Icelanders, Ukrainians, Poles and Germans who preceded you a century ago in their quest for a little piece of "The Last Best West".

The last segment of the trail you follow is the Colonization Road cleared in 1876–77 by Icelandic settlers, some infected with and dying of smallpox. Experience the heritage our forebears built and left behind and the markers and monuments erected in their memory by their children and grandchildren.

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Polish Pioneer Cemetery and Lundi Cemetery

Foley South Roman Catholic Cemetery and Ruthenian Cemetery

Hofi/Steinkirki Cemetery

Husavick Cemetery

St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church and Cemeteries

RM of Gimli Centennial Monument

White Rock

Hangar #1

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Roman Catholic Church

Felsendorf Sts. Cyril and Methodius Roman Catholic Cemetery

Holy Ghost Polish Independent & Gimli Ridge Grace Lutheran Cemeteries

Gimli Community Cemetery

Dnister Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery

St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church

Camp Morton Greek Catholic Society Cemetery

St. Benedict's Bell Tower

Camp Morton

St. Benedict's Roman Catholic Cemetery

Fagrabakka Cemetery

Berlo Settlement and St. Peter & St. Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery

Vilhjamur Stefansson Provincial Park and Monument

Arnes Pioneer Lutheran Church

Arnes Lutheran Cemetery

Arnes Harbour Fish Plant

Free copies are available by contacting the New Iceland Heritage Museum.