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Our Rich Heritage

The story of Gimli’s rich history is told to us today through its built heritage.

The Gimli area was the cradle of Manitoba’s Icelandic community, with the first Icelanders arriving in 1875, before the area was even a part of the province. The early economy was based largely on fishing and mixed farming, but gradually began to expand as the population increased and transportation became easier.

In 1897, New Iceland was opened to settlers of different origins; Ukrainian pioneers began to arrive in the region that year, soon joined by settlers from Poland and Hungary. Each of these groups made its own cultural mark on the area, contributing to its rich cultural heritage.

In 1906, with the arrival of the railway in Gimli, came increased commerce and the opening of the area for the cottage development that is such a characteristic feature of the R.M. of Gimli as we know it today.